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Tired of sending CV to hundreds of job ads?
Create your best online resume once & let employers find you
Why get your next job on Spare Staff?
Are you tired of sending CVs to hundreds of employers and not getting replies? On Spare Staff, you create your best profile once and apply to jobs in seconds. Let employers find you instead. We will do job hunting for you, even when you’re sleeping.
Quality is better than quantity
When you need to submit hundreds of job applications, you simply can’t put effort into all of them. There are hundreds of other candidates applying for the same job. With Spare Staff, instead of going for the quantity, you focus on your best quality profile and let Hirers find you.
Get e-hired in 3 steps
FREE to list your profile
As a job seeker, you can list yourself for companies to find you. Create your best profile to attract employers.
Let employers find you
Apply to jobs in seconds. Let employers find you 24/7. We’ll do job hunting for you, even when you’re sleeping!
Get e-hired and get paid
Receive job offer messages, interview requests, hiring requests instantly on our platform.
The ease of creating my own profile listing helped me decide to join Spare Staff. It saves me so much time from looking around for jobs without getting much luck, and it’s free to create listings so I have nothing to lose.
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We’ve got you covered
We know it’s a priority to trust the people hiring you. Spare Staff let you set requirements, accept or decline job offers. You can read reviews about hirer from their former employees to make sure the job is the right fit for you. Our secure payment system ensures hirer has provided sufficient fund to pay for your wages after you have completed the work.
  • View, accept or decline job offers from hirers
  • Send messages to hirers via our messaging platform
  • Receive interview requests, hiring requests instantly from hirers
  • Read reviews from former employees
  • Our secure payment system makes sure you get paid
  • End employment any time if things do not work out
If you’re not on Spare Staff, you won’t get job offers.
Painless job hunting
job hunting
Don’t go job hunting
Look, we’ve all been there. Job hunting isn’t fun. It’s frustrating! How about stop job hunting yourself completely and let our platform does the rest.
Trust and safety
Trust and safety
We keep our community safe and secure by providing a secure escrow payment system for both hirers and posters. Reviews help you make informed decisions.
You’re in control
Manage your listing 24/7 with ease. View your current and previous jobs, messages, reviews, income all in one place.
About Spare Staff
What is Spare Staff?
Spare Staff connects companies with people who are available for work. We understand that traditional hiring process is time consuming and often frustrating for both employers and employees. We help both overcome this problem by building an online marketplace for online employee hiring. The community is powered by Posters who list available Employees, and Hirers who represent companies that are looking to hire new staff.
Who is a Poster, a Hirer, and an Employee?
A Poster is an individual who lists an Employee that is available for work. A Poster may be the Employee him/herself (i.e. job seekers), or the poster may represent an organization (i.e. employment agency). A Poster may list many Employees in different industries. A Hirer is an individual who represents an organization and hires the Employee.
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