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Hiring can be an exhausting process... from identifying, shortlisting, interviewing, negotiating and onboarding.... a lot of business' don't have the capacity for it. At SpareStaff, we're here to support you. If you're looking to hire quality staff, you can hire employees for free with SpareStaff.

With our quick and easy free job posting in Sydney, you're sure to find and hire employees online quickly and easily.

Not only do we make it simple to post free job ads in Sydney, SpareStaff is the one-stop place when it comes to making the right decision, for the right candidate.... at the right time.

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On Spare Staff, you can find great employees at the click of a mouse. Simply sign up for free and post a job ad. Read online resume, reviews of candidates. Use our advanced search tool to narrow down search results quickly such as location, skills, experience etc. Once you’ve found the right person, send instant messages, interview requests to the Posters. So you can focus on other important tasks of your business.
Traditional hiring process vs Spare Staff
Your business need great people, fast! But traditional hiring process is time-consuming and often frustrating: job posting, reviewing hundreds of applications including unqualified ones, short-listing CVs, interviewing, calling for references, negotiating salary, and (finally) hiring. On Spare Staff, you can do all of that online, at the click on a mouse, just like an online shopping experience.
We use Spare Staff because it’s so much quicker and easier to find employees, and it’s free! You don’t need to go through hundreds of applications just to find a few that are suitable.
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About Spare Staff
What is Spare Staff?

Spare Staff connects companies with people who are available for work. We understand that traditional hiring process is time consuming and often frustrating for both employers and employees. We help both overcome this problem by building an online marketplace for online employee hiring. The community is powered by Posters who list available Employees, and Hirers who represent companies that are looking to hire new staff.

Who is a Poster, a Hirer, and an Employee?

A Poster is an individual who lists an Employee that is available for work. A Poster may be the Employee him/herself (i.e. job seekers), or the poster may represent an organization (i.e. employment agency). A Poster may list many Employees in different industries. A Hirer is an individual who represents an organization and hires the Employee.

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